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Abuan Site Networks version 1.00 (Official) -- March 27, 2006

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Website Description

Abuan Site Networks is a website in the internet that contains a number of published online reference materials made and compiled by Virgilio. It  is dedicated to help in providing information on Nursing course subjects and key articles on the Nursing course. It also contains various sites of entertainment content such as a Linkin Park (LP) fan website and Automotive Diesel Mechanics website both made by Virgilio. He is a nursing student of Union Christian College, City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines.

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Site Features

  • Virgilio's Nursing Resource Center (Beta)

  • Virgilio's Automotive Diesel Mechanics Site Reference

  • Virgilio's Linkin Park Fan Site

  • Links to many search engines available on the internet (for research, assignments, etc.)