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Nursing InformaticsTM, provides you comprehensive medical contents on the web and much more! Nursing Informatics gives you free information for research and knowledge expansion.. Philippine Medical and Health links are also available to help give you an insight of our country's health status, policies, programs, and breaking news. Electronic books will soon be available for student downloads.. These would include books in the medical field, health care, and nursing.. - April 4, 2006

ASN Online!, After so many months of preparation and heavy duty web designing, the Abuan Site Networks is now in full operation as it aims to help people from all over the world to access various information, media, and lots of educational data (particularly nursing) from this premier website. With the power of the combined GRID hosting platform of AttractSoft & Zetta Hosting Solutions, this site will deliver you all the information it has to offer!.  - March 27, 2006



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